Our Philosophy:

Our Common Sense Approach

ABC Music Services lets you choose the frequency and length of your lessons. It’s your investment, so you should be the one who decides.

With ABC Music Services there is no pre-payment necessary. If you really want a makeup lesson, we’ll find a way to re-schedule if it’s at all possible. However, if there is no other choice, we will see you the next time, no pressure..

Let ABC Music Services do the driving, we’ll gladly come to you.

ABC Music Services believes that your home is your castle. Whether you are in your family room, living room, dining room, or kitchen, you are in your own home. This is where the student is usually the most comfortable, hence a much more effective lesson in a completely familiar environment.

You play your own instrument. This is the instrument that you will be practicing on 99.9% of the time. ABC Music Services uses the common-sense approach especially designed for the beginner and intermediate level students. It’s just a better lesson.

We at ABC Music Services let you decide on the song(s) that you want to sing or play from your list. This takes the song choice out of the equation.

You can have a lesson just about any time. (seven days a week). ABC Music Services offers morning, afternoon, evenings, weekdays & weekend lessons.

We find that parent(s) would sometimes like to sit in on the lesson, and who can blame them. ABC Music Services believes parent(s) can listen to the lesson from another area in the house, hence, no anxiety or pressure on the student. The result is usually a much more concentrated lesson. The pressure is off of the student and the parent is still listening in on the lesson. ABC Music Services believes that this is a much more effective situation for the student, the parent and the instructor.

You can ask as many (lesson related) questions you want and as often as you want, via email, text or phone call. Seven days a week, even holidays. If need be you can even leave a message and ABC Music Services will get back to you A.S.A.P. You don’t have to wait until the next scheduled lesson.

We at ABC Music Services have references of students in your area of past and active status. We at ABC Music Services believe that references are worth their weight in gold. (Please call for detailed information).

Thank You!

ABC Music Services’ MP3 Practice Partner (available in both CD and mp3 formats) is like having a customized audio assistant to help you with tempos, pitch variances, phrasing and more when you practice or rehearse a song, exercise or segments of either one. Although it’s fun and easy to use MP3 Practice Partner helps the student get it right (with the proper practice habits applied) the first time, every time.

ABC Music Services

Working hard to offer a better and brighter future (with music) while providing private personalized music instruction on voice, piano, keyboard/synthesizer, organ, accordion and melodica on location and in the comfort of your home, office, work place, grandparents’ house, summer home, cottage, etc., to beginner and intermediate students of all ages, seven days a week.